Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

All Around Surfaces has years of experience in changing dull, boring concrete into a brilliant, beautiful showroom quality-floor that is easy to tidy. We are your top option for garage floor finishes in Bradenton.

Filthy, oily, surfaces are a distant memory with our tested finishes that secure your floor. Our resin epoxy finishes were originally developed for commercial floors, but now they are readily available for any floor– garages, studios, dining establishments, warehouses, aircraft hangars, manufacturing centers, cooking areas, daycare centers, auto car dealerships, and more!

Why Trust All Around Surfaces With Your Garage Flooring Coatings?

Preparation: When the concrete installers finish a put for a garage floor, they trowel it smooth. That means the floor winds up with a relatively glossy surface area. If you apply a coating to a smooth surface area, what will take place? It will sit on top of the concrete and not bond at all. This is why preparation is a really important action! All Around Surfaces grinds the concrete surface area prior to installing the garage floor epoxy coating in the garage to offer a long-term bond of the coating to the concrete surface area. If a property owner just uses a coating to the floor, it will surely stop working within the very first year of usage!

Extreme environment: The garage is an industrial environment! It undergoes extreme temperature level modifications, road salt, gravel, dirt, particles, automotive chemicals, and more throughout regular usage. You require an industrial-strength coating to endure all of this, as store-bought paint or water-based epoxies are not developed for this harsh of treatment. The commercial finishes we use are not readily available to the homeowner. Extensive training and care is involved when installing epoxy floor resin finishes. Stringent mixing instructions and working times must be followed.

All Around Surfaces high-tech, tested floor finishes involve resin/epoxy innovation to ensure your garage is able to endure the harshest of treatments. Our floors make your garage floor better than brand-new. They are invulnerable to automotive fluids, resistant to chemicals and abrasion, and require just a paper towel to clean up! And, among the best advantages is they show light and look beautiful instead of dull, run down concrete, which is impossible to tidy.

Our Assurance: At All Around Surfaces, so you count on our know-how. We deliver timely service, quick follow-up, and we go overboard to make our clients pleased! Check our About page to understand more about our services.

Why Should You Trust Us With Your Crack Repair?

Much of the floors we work on have either fractures or other problem areas. All Around Surfaces has a proven approach to fix those problems so they are hardly ever visible, We use a fast setting two-part item in addition to sand. Once it’s blended, we apply it to any cracking areas. It is a relatively amusing substance, entering into the fractures to help hold the concrete together– this substance sets in under 10 minutes. The location is then ground smooth with a hand grinder and coating is applied. As long as there is not a substantial shift in the concrete, you will never understand there was a crack there! Contact us today for more information about our concrete repair and garage floor finishes in Bradenton.

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Epoxy Garage Flooring
Epoxy Garage Flooring
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